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IMG_3158Hello and thanks for visiting my humble site. I live on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands outside of Seattle, and I run this site from a cabin in the woods. I have been all over the world and decided I wanted to live where I wanted to live, selling products I use every day. I hope you enjoy them too!

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I LOVE the TC Energy Design Delicate Carafe I ordered from you. I’ve done blind studies with nearly 10 people thus far. Without fail, they have no expression when they drink the water that was not in the carafe, and without fail, they make some sort of facial expression such as raising their eyebrows and then continue drinking it without returning to the other glass. The most common response is that is feels “softer and smoother” and a few folks have said it “tastes better.”

The water taste “wetter” and “rounder” after just a few minutes in the carafe. I feel like my body absorbs the water better once it’s structured. I use my Alladin every day and have for over a year. I can’t imaging living without it.

I received the glassware today and really love it! They look amazing and the water tastes great once it’s had some time to chill in the carafe. Awesome stuff!