Alladin (Aladdin) 1.3L


100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this best-selling product. The Alladin/Aladdin holds 1.3 L of water, juice, or whatever you choose. This carafe will change the taste of any beverage in 3 minutes.


The TC Alladin carafe (also spelled Aladdin) was the first product made in the TC Carafe line. The option with the gold Flower of Life design in the carafe base has been the most popular TC product for many years. The universal design form with its 6-wave structure has been tailored to the natural development of life. Natural water crystallisations exhibit a 6-fold structure and therefore a high degree of vitality. Predecessors in nature can be geometrically/musically interpreted. The generation of resonance, which pulses in tune with the great cosmic conditions, is the core focus of the TC design. This passes on information to the biological system of plants, animals and people, which in turn is able to provide biological support and harmonisation. The cavity resonance generated by Alladin (or Aladdin) reflects the sound frequency of the note F. This frequency is an information carrier for a vertical energy flow, similar to the energetic motion patterns in trees. It therefore supports a bonding of the various energy potentials (chakras) in human kind.

Flower of Life Design Options for the Alladin/Aladdin:

  • Gold
  • White
  • Rainbow
  • No Design (Basic)

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On the left, this is what normal tap water looks like under a microscope. You can see that it has been weakened, or unstructured, by the unnaturally high pressure and angular flow in water pipes. After 3 minutes in the Alladin carafe, image right, the water has fundamentally changed its shape and quality.


20/16 cm (dimensions without stopper)

Roughly 1.3 liters

Lead-free glass

Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques

Factoids: Dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production. There may be differences in weight within the given range. Symbols are burnt in the glass bottom at about 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 14 in