Cherry Bark Pu-erh


This special cherry-noted wild leaf, sheng (raw) pu-erh is from 1998. Stored in cherry baskets over the past 15 years, this tea has the depth of a vintage pu-erh, with strong cherry flavors perfect for after a cozy dinner or the end of a long day of tea drinking.



The crown jewel of my tea line, this wild leaf, sheng pu-erh is from 1998 and has a distinct taste of cherry wood. Th tea itself is loose-leaf, stem-free and feels ancient. The ability of this tea to go from sharp and bold to mild and sweet is amazing, just like you would expect a good shen pu-erh. I serve this after a nice meal as a way to expand the palate experience of a good night of eating and drinking.

The energy is heart-opening, present, but also turns off when needed. I’ve enjoyed this tea before bed many times and it always let’s me down easy when it’s time for sleep. Dark, warm, comforting and robust, the tea is one to experience. Get yourself a little bag and give it a try. Like my other customers, I’m sure your second order will be in the biggest bag I offer. That seems to be the trend anyway.

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