Chocolate Wood


Taste like chocolate; taste like wet wood. This is a beautiful large leaf tea from old Trees. Produced in 1996.



Another amazing large leaf pu-erh from very old trees. Just look at those leaves! It is said that the trees where this tea is wild harvested have been growing for over 500 years, and the families who have been picking them have been there for many generations, tending to these beautifully aged plants like loving custodians.

This tea has been stored beautifully for almost 30 years and is here for us to behold, savor and appreciate. Super complex in it’s taste, the first few pots taste earthy with overtones of forest wood and chocolate. Deeper into the experience, the tea opens up to a ride that is for sure a journey through dank, muddy, mushroomy earth.

Fantastic for a tea sit when it’s time to throw down something that your tea friends will flip over.  This one is a winner and one I personally enjoy a lot!

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