Forbidden River


If earthy-flavored pu-erh is your thing, then this tea is for you. This is my top-shelf pu-erh. It's a large leaf tea from old trees produced in 1996. Everybody that has tasted this tea loves it!



Our top of the line. This Large Leaf tea is from Old Trees in the Mengsong Mountains. Produced circa 1996. Harvested from the ancient tea trees that grow wild in south-western China’s Yunnan Province, our 1998 Wild Leaf came to us by way of a tea merchant in Guangzhou.

Crafted by the aboriginal people of Yunnan, the tea is a “sheng” or raw pu-erh – aged naturally – with time as the only catalyst transforming the tea from its nascent state as “mao cha” to its current light brown color.

We recommend this tea for the pu-erh collector looking for a reasonably priced “sheng” pu-erh for longer term storage.

This natural aging and the ten years since harvest means the tea has begun to settle – it still retains a bright sweetness, but is headed the way of a richer creamier infusion if stored for a few more years.

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