Cotula Bowls


The two “Cotula” bowls are a stunning serving solution designed in compliance with the Golden Mean. They are suited for daily use as well as impressing guests on special occasions. Made with lead-free glass and blown by hand in Germany, these bowls are essential to any glassware collection.



The “Cotula” bowls, the small and large, have a diameter of 12 cm and 23 cm respectively. The tall, hand-blown shape, brings forth to particularly good effect the dynamic lines derived from the golden ratio. The Cotula bowl is a real eye-catcher, even when empty. The Flower of Life in white is embossed into the bottom of the bowl. There are two sizes to choose from; be sure to make your selection in the Add to Cart drop down menu.

SMALL: $25.95
Diameter = 13 cm 
Height = 6 cm

LARGE: $52.95
Diameter: 23 cm
Height: 12 cm

Lead-free glass

Mouth blown in the old glassmaking tradition

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