Patera Bowls


Nature’s Design now makes it possible to prepare, serve and enjoy meals made in compliance with sacred geometry. These mixing and serving bowls are lead-free and hand blown in Germany.



The “Patera” bowls have a diameter of 14 cm and 23 cm. Its well-thought-out design, in keeping with the golden ratio, is conceived primarily for the preparation and enjoyment of a meal. The hand-blown glass is produced with meticulous craftsmanship. The Flower of Life in white is burned into the bottom of the bowl. Because of its size, the flower is shown to particular advantage here.

There are two sizes to choose from; please pick an option from the Add to Cart dropdown.

Diameter = 23 cm
Height = 9 cm

Diameter = 14 cm 
Height = 5 cm

Lead-free glass

Mouth blown in the old glassmaking tradition

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Patera Bowl