Large Ceramic Pot


This pu-erh tea has been stored in a large Yixing ceramic pot ever since it left the Meng Tong Tea Factory in 2002. The net amount of tea in this pot is roughly 1.1 pounds (500 gm or 100 pots of tea). Enjoy it yourself or give it as an impressive gift. An excellent tea for the price.


This tea was made famous at the now defunct Om Shan Tea in San Francisco’s Mission District. It was the mysterious “top shelf” tea just out of reach of the average stoper by. The few people actually got to experience this tea found it to be a mild Shou (cooked) pu-erh. This tea has been stored in an elegant Yixing pot since 2002 when it was shipped form the Meng Tong Tea Company.

Flavor Profile

Earthy flavors include hard wood or cedar. Distinct peat and tobacco notes are present. There is a sweetness with a hint of chocolate and caramel. Aromatics are earthy, sweet and leathery. The mouth feel is liquidy, smooth and light.

Energetic Qualities

This tea has typical energetic qualities of a Shou (cooked) pu-erh. The energy is subtle, bouncy and young.