Rubellum Wine Carafe


Have you ever tasted structured wine? Imagine turning a $15 bottle of wine into a $100 bottle of wine in just 3 minutes. Your friends will think you’re a magician! More than decanting, this carafe also restructures the shape of the molecules to be more in line with the natural state of water. Tasting is believing.


The “Rubellum” wine carafe delights wine connoisseurs because of its curved design, derived from the golden rectangle. Decanting wine into the “Rubellum” alters its crystalline structure and preprocesses it organically.

The Flower of Life, in white, is burned into the bottom of the carafe, which can be sealed with a glass stopper, if you wish.

The ideal complement to the TC wine glasses

1 liter / 34 fl.oz

Produced according to traditional workmanship

Lead-free glass


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