Slate Storage Canister



These are our newest canisters, finished in a smooth satin in the color of slate and aged pewter. The same finish carries through to the internal lid and the interior of the canister.

Two lids keep the tea fresh, while the two sizes accommodate different size and quantities of tea leaves. The smaller of the two canisters holds approximately 2 oz – 4oz. of bulky teas (i.e. whites, greens, Wuyi oolongs, pu-erhs) or 6-8 oz. of denser teas (i.e. rolled whites or greens, clustered oolongs, blacks).

The larger canister can hold up to 8 ounces of a looser tea and 16 ounces of a dense tea.


medium: 5.5″ height, 3.5″ diameter
large: 7.5″ height, 4″ diameter