Tibetan Brick


This is a delicious Tibetan-style brick tea. I drink it every morning without fail and have for two years.


Delicious Tibetan-style brick tea. I drink it every morning. Why? Let me tell you why dear reader:

Flavor Profile

First off, the earthy flavor of this ‘cooked’ pu-erh is divine. Secondly, the mouth feel is very filling, rasping and thick. Waking up to something this rich just feels right, and as a coffee replacement, I feel this tea would make a strong case for conversion. Some of the notes detectable are woody bark, cherry tree, roasted nuts, burnt sugar, decaying wood and a touch of jasmine and seaweed. That may not read like the most tasty description, but don’t let that stop you. If you’ve had any Tibetan style tea, or any of Master Wang’s teas, this will fall squarely into those flavor profiles.

Energetic Qualities

Grab ahold of your hat dear tea brothren, this tea packs a punch. This high-grade pu-erh brick is an all out launch into a tea blissdom that will carry you through your day with one big smile. The energy is clean, bright and very usable.

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