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100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this beautiful wine glass by TC Energy Designs. These are classy and feel good in your hand.



The TC Wine Glass with its gentle form is suitable for many types of wine. Red wine in particular is quickly conditioned and ready to drink due to the shape of the glass. The 3-wave structure corresponds with the musical relationships of the major triad. With its delicate thin-walled design, the TC Wine Glass is recommended for the finest enjoyment of the best wines. However, the crystal structures of economical every-day wines are also altered and biologically conditioned. Wine connoisseurs recommend the TC Wine Glass as a degustation glass because the “honesty” of the wine is revealed by the form of the glass. The thoroughly unusual gently flowing lines of the design enhance the TC Wine Glass, making it an exceptional original piece that optimises the flavor of wines. Following the first clinking of glasses in toast, the inimitable sound of the TC Wine Glass becomes unforgettable. The “rounding” off of many of the intensive flavor components, achieved by the shape of the glass, is detected by many wine connoisseurs for example when tasting wines with strong tannin notes. It is recommended that the glass be cleaned by hand because glass in general can react highly sensitively to aggressive cleaning (dishwasher). Despite its delicate shape the TC Wine Glass is robust and suitable for regular use.

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0.2 liter / 6.8 fl.oz

Mouth-blown traditional workmanship

Lead-free glass

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 10 in
Production Method